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My name is Jaynie Shafer, M.S. CCC-SLP

I'm so glad you're here! My mission as the founder and treating speech-language pathologist of All Communication Matters, LLC is to provide accessible, equitable, and best practice speech-language therapy to individuals within St. Clair County, IL; where and when it works for YOU or your loved one.

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Speech-Language therapy services are skilled in nature. No matter the setting, population, or specialty, all SLPs share a common goal: Utilizing our expertise to assist individuals in functionally increasing their communication abilities to promote generalization of progress across all environments and communication partners the individual wishes to interact within/with to increase quality of life. 

What works most functionally and leads to greatest gains in communication abilities?

This answer will likely differ for all SLPs depending upon what population they work with and how they do so. For me, the answer is clear as day. Offering services in the client's home or my home office with their caregiver or loved one present is key. Communication partners should be included in the client's plan of care. I use my expertise to assess, diagnose, and create a plan of care. I provide skilled services as needed. This may range from 30 minutes per week to 3 hours per week. Ultimately, this is the client's decision! But what about all of the other time? I provide skilled services for a small fraction of a person's week. My goal is to include the client's caregiver, parent, significant other, etc in the plan of care and provide detailed education and modeling. This way, the client's main communication partner is able to effectively assist in communicating and enhancing communication skills across all settings. Private speech therapy is the only setting I have personally encountered so far that allows me the time and framework to provide these services at the level of involvement required for best outcomes. I have experienced the role of the family member/caregiver/loved one and the role of the SLP; this method of delivering speech-language therapy is my passion.  

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